Our Story

The Eat Greek experience is not limited to food, it’s all embraced in the experience when we are around food.
It’s what we create when we blend food, taste and hospitality, friendships, family and music.
Something magical happens.
Our tradition of hospitality and bringing people together created a full-time career filled with passion.

For the last 28 years, we have been blessed to create extraordinary events for families, companies, professionals and individuals throughout KZN.

Our Team

It’s a privilege to work alongside individuals that inspire us.
We’re a family of passionate and creative event professionals who push each other to be our best – A melding of cultures and traditions.
Though our knowledge is wide and backgrounds different, we’ve become our own close-knit community and our core values are the same.
What makes you unique is valuable to an environment like ours.

Our Business Associates are also an integral part of our team.  Over the years we’ve developed great relationships with industry experts and supply partners.
If you’re looking for recommendations on how to pull off all those final details our event coordinators are happy to guide you towards the right fit for your specific occasion.

Catering Experiences

It’s not the type of food we make, it’s about the experience we provide.  Let us assist you to create that magical experience!
No matter what your occasion, we carefully select menu offerings inspired by the event.
Feel free to browse some of our standard menus to get a sense of what we do, and our catering coordinators will be more than happy to custom build a menu just for you.


It was amazing, so many great dishes to choose from. Melt in the mouth calamari strips, mini chicken kebabs, vine-wrapped meatballs, mezes galore, smoked salmon style salad, greek salads, halloumi cheese wrapped in brinjals and that wasn’t even a quarter of the starters. Mains were stunning Greek lamb, with all the usual roast potatoes, veggies etc. Chicken curry that fell off the bone but I stopped looking as I was leaving space for the desserts – I’ve loved Greek desserts forever.  The baklava, kataifi (?) which had me drooling, vanilla ice cream that I am sure was homemade, pecan nut ice cream, fresh fruit salads, Greek-style rice pudding and many others. We definitely will be back very soon. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I give them 6 stars!

Eat Greek are still amazing, the food is always top quality, never a fail! They have been in the catering business for a long, long time. Family owned and run. It just gets better and better. Besides many other meals and events we have experienced with them, they catered for my son’s 21st Birthday. That was 28 years ago!!!!

Jodi Chaplin – 28 July 19

We were SO impressed!

The food was absolutely incredible and so
beautifully presented!

Amazing service.

Thanks so much.